In 1929 Pietro Antoniazzi opened a small company in Pizzighettone, in the province of Cremona, for the production of flooring and pavements. Today the Antoniazzi family continue to run the company that is still based in Pizzighettone with two additional production units, one in Italy and the other in France.
Antoniazzi began as a local producer of marble based flooring for indoor use. The company later grew and began exporting its products in Germany. The Italian crisis of the seventies spurred Antoniazzi to penetrate new markets, including the Middle East, with great success. After a decade, however, these markets showed signs of weakening.
Tough trading conditions in the mid-eighties due to a decrease in activity of Middle Eastern markets and collapse of German market prices, meant that the company needed a new idea, a new direction, that would allow it to continue its business without severing its original ideas.
It was then the company's current Managing Director, Dr Luigi Antoniazzi, realized that the company's future was in outdoor paving materials. The future was heading towards paving materials for gardens and for all those places that had become increasingly popular at home and in public areas, which deserved a certain treatment and appearance that went beyond poured concrete or asphalt Todays Antoniazzi is the Italian leader for outdoor paving materials made of reconstitued natural products, and among the top manufacturer in Europe. The company offers a range of over 250 products. Antoniazzi in the recent past added to floor collection a new range of product: the reconstructed stone claddings. The large success of these products has led Antoniazzi increase the productive development of a wide range of articles to meet the increasing number of requests for these products. Antoniazzi work according to the quality system ISO 9001:2008.